Project Description

EMI Problems (in IoT)

  • Adding wireless communication to an existing device
  • Many devices in a small area
  • Multiple frequency bands
  • Higher frequencies
  • Self-interference
  • RED 2016

EMC for IoT project goals

  • Software
    • Wireless communication reliability & Internet of Things
    • Quality of Service (QoS) in IoT networks dealing with Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
    • Interference-robustness
    • Real-life reliability
  • Hardware
    • EMC & Internet of Things
    • CE-certification: Radio Equipment Directive
    • 5G  and higher frequencies (30GHz – 90 GHz)
    • Board-Level Shielding
    • Near-field interaction
    • System tests in the new reverberation room

Hardware solution

  • Making a robust and reliable PCB design
  • Reduce the overall cost of the  PCB design
    • Unit manufacturing cost will be reduced
    • Number of design iterations will be reduced
    • Time to market will be reduced
    • Company financial risks will be reduced
    • Company financial performance will be improved
  • Obtain adjusted EMC guidelines to guide you to these calamities

EMC for IoT hardware topics

  • How to comply with the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED)
  • IoT EMI impact on EM environment and vice versa?
  • How to test your product in a  more realistically the real-world environment that an IoT device sees?
  • EMI issues when working with higher frequency bands?
  • Characterization of EMI sources of an IoT network?

EMC for IoT hardware topics

  • How to proper implement protection, like Board Level Shielding?
  • How to cope with / avoid near-field interaction?
  • Solutions to self-interference in device requiring an antenna?
  • How to use numerical tools to increase your insight?
  • What are your questions/problems/concerns?

Software solutions

  • Updating software costs significantly less than upgrading hardware of a device
    • Hardware upgrade cost rises exponentially with the number of devices
    • IoT enables “in the field” software updates
  • Use software adaptability in EMI-rich environments to improve QoS and reliability in IoT communication

EMC for IoT software topics

  • IoT EMI impact on network infrastructure and vice versa?
  • How to cope with / avoid data loss due to EMI?
  • Solutions to integrate real-time requirements of embedded devices with a wireless communication stack?
  • Issues when sending data at different frequency bands?
  • Detect EMI sources in an IoT network?
  • Change data channel selection / wireless protocol to reduce effect of EMI?
  • End-to-end QoS in a heterogenous IoT network?
  • Deal with dropped packages at the application tier?
  • What are your questions/problems/concerns?

EMC for IoT software overview

Project overview

  1. Knowledge pooling
    1. Literature study
    2. Demystification seminar
  2. Exploratory case study
    1. Non-functional requirement analysis
    2. Design
    3. Implementation
    4. Lessons learned feedback seminar
  3. Industrial case study
    1. Validation of lessons learned
    2. Workshop